You, as a parent, must have realized that your child can reach for the skies, and even go beyond it, given the right circumstances. Yet, in schools, the same child may not reach up to their full potential. One reason for this is low the lack of self-motivation. Even before the first grade, a student is brought into a curriculum that insists on teaching rather than learning. This goes on to such an extent that they study only when they are forced to. Soon, interest in learning new things almost vanishes.

At MaRRS Learning Centre, students are provided with an atmosphere where the spirit of enquiry prevails. Learning occurs through games and activity. Driven by their own need, to win in games, they learn without any compulsion. In fact, the students often do not even realise that they are learning.

We also realise that every child is unique. Some students may be bright in one topic, while lag in other areas. Our courses are designed to give your child, the much needed individual attention that they badly deserve. We believe that a little help given in the right way can go a long way for your children to achieve their dreams. Click here to know more about our courses.
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